Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency

TWRA's Region 4 - East Tennessee

Reservoir Fisheries Management Program

Cherokee Lake - Gill Netting 2012


Sampling Dates: February 1, 2012
Species collected in survey (6 net nights):

Hybrid striped bass - 491
Striped bass - 13
Walleye - 3
White bass - 43


Impressive numbers of hybrid striped bass ("Cherokee bass") continue to be collected in TWRA's winter gill netting efforts and the population is thriving on the abundant shad resources. These fish are attracting anglers from all over the southeast and are providing some fantastic fishing opportunities. Hybrids are more tolerant of low oxygen levels and higher temperatures than are striped bass so are not prone to the summer die-offs seen with Cherokee Reservoir stripers. The average weight of hybrids collected in 2012 was 5.1-pounds.

A good number of white bass were also collected in 2012.  Like crappie, this species is very cyclic in abundance from one year to the next.  And also like crappie, this species appears to be making a come back in most of our east Tennessee reservoirs.  Above average rainfall during the past several years is likely the key to their increasing abundance.


Hybrid length frequency

Hybrid striped bass length frequency


White bass length frequency

White bass length frequency




19 pound Tennessee hybrid striped bass

A 29-inch, 19-pound Tennessee hybrid striped bass (Cherokee bass)