Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency

TWRA's Region 4 - East Tennessee

Reservoir Fisheries Management Program

TWRA's East Tennessee Reservoir Fish Program

Fifteen reservoirs are actively managed by Region IV's reservoir fisheries personnel. Biologists use various techniques to monitor reservoir fish populations including electrofishing, gill netting, seining, trap netting, and angler surveys. These data collection methods gather information about the size structure, recruitment, growth, density, and mortality of fish populations. All survey results are coupled with input from the human and habitat components of sport fisheries and used to make management recommendations for harvest restrictions and stocking.

Biologists also perform summer water quality profiles on several area reservoirs to determine if conditions are favorable for various game fish species. This effort is designed to locate any potential problems during the summer when oxygen levels can become poor.

The purpose of this web site is provide the public with a variety of information about east Tennessee reservoirs and their fisheries. It is financed and maintained by Jim Negus and edited with the help of Paul Shaw. Shaun Ramsey provides sampling updates from Douglas, Watauga, Boone, South Holston, and Fort Patrick Henry Reservoirs. This site does not have any sponsors so any "external" links to products or sites is solely for informational purposes.