Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency

TWRA's Region 4 - East Tennessee

Reservoir Fisheries Management Program

Keys to Some Difficult to Identify Tennessee Fishes

Most of the photos used were taken by Jim Negus unless otherwise noted.
Use only with permission - all rights reserved

Sunfish ID

Sunfish Key

River Herring Key

Blueback vs Alewife

Shad ID

Shad Key

Black Bass ID

Bass Key

Redhorse ID

Redhorse Key

Crappie ID

Crappie ID

Temperate Bass ID

Temperate Bass Key

Pikeperch ID

Walleye/Sauger Key

Carpsucker ID

Trout ID

Trout ID

catfish ID
Catfish ID

-------Click here for an extensive photo gallery of Tennessee fishes-------


"The Fishes of Tennessee" by David Etnier and Wayne Starnes (University of Tennessee Press) is by far the best reference book availible for those with a keen interest in our extremely diverse fish fauna.

Wisconsin's Fish Identification Database is a good online source to help with the ID of many East Tennessee fishes.