Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency

TWRA's Region 4 - East Tennessee

Reservoir Fisheries Management Program

Common East Tennessee Fish Diseases and Parasites


This page will be under constant revision as new information is gathered.
Ilovemypond.com has a good introduction to freshwater fish parasites.

General pdf (761k)
General pdf (98k)
General photos/illustrations pdf (2,251k)
Fish kill investigation pdf (1,148k)
Stress and fish disease pdf (61k)
Angler's guide to fish parasites pdf (4,407k)
Fish Tumors/Cancer
Anchor worm - Lernaea pdf (173k)
Bacteria - Aeromonas pdf (45k)
Bacteria - Streptococcal pdf (293k)
Black spot/grub - Apophallus pdf (197k)
Broadfish tapeworm pdf (238k)
Fish lice - Argulus pdf (93k)
Copepod - Ergasilus pdf (132k)
Copepod key
Flukes - Monogenean pdf 262k)
Fungus pdf (50k)
Fungus - Saprolegnia pdf (216k)
"Gill maggots" - Achtheres
Largemouth bass virus
Lymphocystis - Dermal Sarcoma pdf (223k)
Myobacteriosis pdf (323k)
Nematodes pdf (843k)
Parasitic lamprey pdf (100k)
Protozoans pdf (646k)
Protozoans pdf (57k)
Red sore disease pdf (77k)
Tapeworms - Cestodes pdf (198k)
Viral diseases pdf (47k)
Viremia - carp pdf (172k)
White spot - Ich pdf (101k)
Yellow grub - Clinostomun pdf (149k)


Melanoma on Tellico Largemouth

lymphocystis on crappie


myxosporea on channel catfish

tumor on gizzard shad